Agood workout wardrobe does more than just make you look great. Whether you’re squatting, jumping, lunging, focusing on your flow or sprinting past the finish line, a strong selection of exercise gear is the finishing touch to any successful workout.

You might be looking for something cool but comfortable to wear for your lunchtime Vinyasa class, searching for a breathable outfit that’ll help you make it through Crossfit or tying up the laces of your newest trainers to smash your PB.



Alo Yoga

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Cult yoga and athleticwear brand Alo Yoga effortlessly merges body-mapped contours, super soft lounge sets and workout tights to keep even the fussiest of yogis happy. Wear-tested by some of the biggest names in the industry, it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite brands for not only yoga but also strength training, cardio workouts and good old fashioned athleisurewear. And as well as looking the part, Alo Yoga’s workout clothes are created with movement in mind. The whole product range promises extra flexibility and performance fabric wicking technology keeps your workout looking far easier than it actually is. Famed for offering some of the best leggings on the market, Alo Yoga has taken the fitness world by a storm and promises to elevate any kind of workout with its growing army of loyal fans.

Western Rise

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American menswear brand Western Rise makes performance clothing built with highly technical fabrics. A stylish, muted range that’s perfect for the outdoors, it’s a safe bet for any man looking to modernise his workout gear. A full range of super soft and temperature regulating tees, odour resistant hoodies and the famed Evolution pants all merge comfort and durability with a more elevated style without sacrificing performance. The subtle everyday-nature of Western Rise’s style makes its pieces suitable day-in and day-out no matter where you’re planning on going next. With a premium fit and a quality to match, Western Rise perfectly hits the midpoint of workout gear and everyday-wear.

Under Armour

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Under Armour is a popular choice for athletes who want to invest in good quality pieces that refuse to show any sign of wear. Combining activewear with sportswear, footwear and high-tech gear, it acts as a one-stop-shop for any and every of your workout needs. Under Armour is a safe choice for light and breathable sportswear that stands up to wear and tear, dries fast and remains comfortable throughout. It uses innovative fabrics like ultra-strong fibers used in marine ship ropes to release sturdy product after sturdy product for optimal athletic performance.


best men workout clothing brand champion - Luxe Digital

The original streetwear brand has had a revival in recent years and Champion is as cool now as it’s ever been. Spotted on everyone from fashion influencers to beauty bloggers, Champion is a brand that’s versatile enough to take you from the gym right through to brunch. Its classic jersey script t-shirts are perfect for throwing on before a workout or stock up on hoodies, pullovers and jackets to keep you warm when tackling outdoor exercises. Champion‘s resurgence, with its familiar “C” logo, doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in the athletic scene, which is the only excuse you need to get involved.


best men workout clothing brand lululemon - Luxe Digital

Somehow, it doesn’t really do Lululemon justice to say their workout clothes are the softest you’ll ever own. Their loyal following is loyal for a reason and, once you’ve gone Lulu, you won’t go back. Invest in a few key pieces from the athleisure line and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. Combining well-made and comfortable clothing with stylish designs that can easily be worn in day to day settings, you’ll buy one outfit for the gym and convince yourself to go more frequently as an excuse to buy another. Produced with practical and technical properties to enhance your workouts, Lululemon‘s workout gears combine recycled fibres, added stretch and moisture-wicking layers to make any workout look effortless.


best men workout clothing brand patagonia - Luxe Digital

Initially founded to supply climbers with high-performance gear, Patagonia has slowly shifted away from a performance-focused brand to a well-loved streetwear staple worn alongside others like Palace and Vetements. Now one of fashion’s favourite outdoor brands, it produces a huge range of fast-drying, wicking, technical fabric clothes that feel airy and weightless on hot days and insulating and warm for cooler occasions. We also love it for its sustainability pledge: Patagonia‘s ongoing environmental and labour advocacy makes it one of our favourite brands for ticking every box so you can look good and feel good.


best men workout clothing brand adidas - Luxe Digital

Adidas’ ongoing list of endlessly cool collaborations has kept it at the forefront of the workout gear and streetwear game for years now. Aside from the obvious Yeezys with Kanye West, Adidas is known for campaigns like the rainbow-bright SuperColours with Pharrell Williams, Y-3s with Yohji Yamamoto and the long-running show of Alexander Wang x Adidas. Paired with a nostalgic revival that’s only gaining momentum, Adidas‘ workout gear is bold, bright and seamlessly stylish. Throwback to previous years with the brand’s Adidas Originals line or keep it modern with 3-stripe outwear, trefoil tees and comfortably-cool track pants.


best men workout clothing brand tracksmith - Luxe Digital

Tracksmith is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to its dedication to launching the rise of style-driven running gear. Laidback and casual, Boston-based vintage-styled Tracksmith is a premium brand that will help you hit the elusive runner’s high simply through a desire of keeping the brand’s clothes on for longer. Designed by runners for runners, it’s inspired by the classic American college look using a mesh that’s soft, lightweight and breathable. T-shirts, sweatpants and compression shorts are some of the brand’s most popular pieces, leading the way with preppy, Ivy-league styling that’ll step your daily run up a notch.


best men workout clothing brand puma - Luxe Digital

Puma’s having a big moment thanks to recent and ongoing collaborations with names like Alexander McQueen, Rihanna and ALIFE. Now, the brand is reportedly growing faster than Nike or Adidas and releasing more and more new lines to match. Another great option for stocking up on essentials, Puma’s instantly-recognisable emblem is an effortlessly cool addition to any workout and easily merges the gap between style and function. Bright colours act as a vintage streetwear throwback and long sleeve tees can be worn both inside and outside of the gym. Perpetually relevant to the athleisure scene, you can’t go wrong with Puma. It’s celebrity-approved and personal trainer approved— If that’s not a seal of endorsement, we’re not sure what is.


best men workout clothing brand reebok - Luxe Digital

A vintage staple, it’s almost impossible to look anything but cool when you’re tackling a sweat session wearing head-to-toe Reebok. Bring the ’90s nostalgia back again with the brand’s classic trainers and eye-catching designs because Reebok is once again on the rise. This is partially thanks to its comfortable and failsafe workout gear, but also for its statement white trainers —an ever-popular choice with Millennials — and other throwback styles. A lightweight marl grey crewneck stamped with the Reebok emblem is an obvious choice for throwing on after you’ve finished a run, or leave the gym and head to the bar without having to change your fresh white shoes for an effortless streetwear look.

District Vision

best men workout clothing brand district vision - Luxe Digital

Streamlined gear and innovative eyewear combine in District Vision’s range to improve your workout from head to (almost) toe. Its clothes, like the Tadasana t-shirt and Spino shorts, are designed with movement in mind thanks to the addition of thumbholes and breathable fabrics. But where this brand really shines is with its sunglasses range. Thought to be maybe the first truly cool eyewear brand made for runners, its sunglasses refuse to slip or bounce like standard glasses, which means there’s no excuse not to focus on hitting your PB. District Vision uses Japanese engineering to create each pair of glasses and tests them on a group of downtown runners, which means nothing less than a perfectly sculpted pair will slip through the net.

Real Essentials

best men workout clothing brand real essentials - Luxe Digital

Ticking almost every box under the sun when it comes to niche workout wear requirements, Real Essentials is just as good as its name suggests when it comes to, well, the essentials. Compressionwear and thermal wear are just two of the brand’s many focus points, with a range that’s versatile and fit for any budget. Most of its items come in multi-pack format, so it’s a great option if you’re someone who works out daily and doesn’t want the stress of not having a fresh outfit nearby. Specifically designed for men looking for optimum functionality, Real Essentials easily transitions with you from leg day to back day and anything in between.


best men workout clothing brand PAIZH - Luxe Digital

You’ll probably want to double up on arm day when you’ve taken a look at PAIZH’s weightlifting collection. This brand offers a range of budget-friendly workout styles that are breathable and comfortable while looking great with a barbell in hand. Muscle tees make keeping good form an easy practice and a range of neutral colours means it’s easy to mix and match. The brand is known especially for its large variety of workout hoodies, fit for any bodybuilding session in a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you looking great throughout. PAIZH’s high loop french terry material adds to the overall comfort and airflow from the sides keeps you cool and dry.


best men workout clothing brand nike - Luxe Digital

The OG of workout clothing, Nike has been producing men’s athleisure wear for more than 60 years and sells a huge range of footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. The brand offers high quality and versatile workout clothes for almost every sport under the sun ranging from training shorts and Dri-Fit tees to hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, caps and trainers. From football to yoga, basketball to skateboarding and tennis to golf, Nike is an almost universal first thought when it comes to stocking up on workout essentials for men. Customise your new kit with Nike By You or keep it cool with the brand’s ubiquitous tick of approval.

New Balance

best men workout clothing brand new balance - Luxe Digital

Not only is New Balance at the forefront of the uber-cool “ugly dad” trainer hype, but it’s also home to a huge range of training apparel to suit all styles. New Balance’s workout clothes are classic and understated, opting for tonal colours to complement each other. Known especially for their trainers, New Balance is consistently cool, providing a range that’s both functional and fashionable as well as suitable for a big variety of sports. Revitalise your workout wardrobe easily with a new pair of trainers to match your personality with excellent performance technology to match.


best men workout clothing brand rapha - Luxe Digital

Rapha challenges the idea that cycling gear can’t be cool. Ask any keen cyclist for clothing recommendations and they’ll almost definitely suggest Rapha. This premium sportswear brand turns its attention to premium riding apparel and accessories with a focus on performance and longevity. Rapha is regularly worn by athletes and tournament winners on the podium, having secured two Tour de France victories and a handful of other achievements.

The brand’s performance roadwear is designed to be streamlined yet fashionable, using classic design language and bespoke yarn to make any journey an enjoyable one. Innovative and ergonomic, Rapha is a workout brand developed for adventurous riders that’ll encourage you to spend thousands of miles in the saddle.


best men workout clothing brand neleus - Luxe Digital

Neleus is a budget-friendly underdog of the fitness industry, offering a big range of comfortable and functional pieces to bulk out your workout gear collection. It specialises in sublimation print technology to produce quick-dry fabric sports apparel that comes in a variety of colours to match the rest of your gear, whether you’re heading off for a cycle or lifting weights at the gym. From performance and compression tees to running tights, breathable vests and mesh shorts, Neleus’ entire range promises to keep you cool and casual throughout any workout.


best men workout clothing brand COOFANDY - Luxe Digital

COOFANDY is a basic yet versatile brand that stocks everything you’ll need for a good workout. Available in a huge range of colours, COOFANDY shirts come in classic designs and are made of high-quality soft cotton fabric. Tackle longer workouts effortlessly thanks to the brand’s moisture-wicking, quick-dry technology or finish off your look with tapered joggers that’ll take you from the gym to a basketball game, a fitness class or simply a casual afternoon out. Craftsmanship, timeless style and design innovation make COOFANDY a great choice at a low cost.


best men workout clothing brand fabletics - Luxe Digital

Sleek, aerodynamic and high quality, Fabletics’ monthly subscription package might just be the excuse you need to freshen up your workout wardrobe. Its personalised service handpicks colours and designs just for you, so you’re always up-to-date with the newest styles in the industry. This affordable activewear retailer is also a great option for one-off shopping — if you don’t trust yourself not to stop at just one new pair of shorts per month. Many of Fabletics‘ products are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, which is another reason it shoots right to the top of the list. A quick look and you’ll want to stock up on everything from their stretchy “ultimate workout short” to the lightweight vests and durable accessories.

Peak Velocity

best men workout clothing brand peak velocity - Luxe Digital

Amazon’s Peak Velocity brand is designed with performance in mind. It’s made a name for itself with a line of streamlined workout gear that’s designed purely for men and comes in a variety of styles. Its two main releases are the “Quantum Fleece” which is built for work and the “Metro Fleece,” which is built for everyday wear. Stick to neutral shades with multiple pieces in a statement black shade, or go all out with bright blues and reds. Technically capable and simple but functional, Peak Velocity is a strong option for the easygoing guy who wants a boost to any workout.

Monsta Clothing

best men workout clothing brand monsta clothing - Luxe Digital

Bodybuilders looking for a clothing brand that’s tailored exactly to them should check out Monsta Clothing for hardcore powerlifting gear and weightlifting shirts. With enough edgy branding to convince you to do one more rep, even when you think you’re done for the day, it’s perfect for the gruelling training and lifestyle of the world of bodybuilding. Everything Monsta Clothing sells is made with powerlifting in mind, from the lightweight vests covered in vintage-style slogans, to the MMA fightwear that’ll add a spring to your step before any competition. Expect in-your-face shades that’ll bridge the gap between function and power.

Three Sixty Six

best men workout clothing brand three sixty six - Luxe Digital

Three Sixty Six’s active gear doubles as gear that you could just as easily throw on for a trip to the shops or a spontaneous lunch date. Comfortable, lightweight and athletic, its clothes feature simple but attractive cuts that’ll stand up to the toughest of workouts but also not look out of place for everyday wear. Dry fit pullovers are absorbent and stylish, made with moisture-wicking fabric and are perfect for working out in, training, jogging or lifting. The bacteria-resistant fabric also works to keep you fresh and smelling good even after the most strenuous workouts. Whether you’re doing a hardcore Crossfit workout, running a marathon, playing a game of basketball, or even stretching in yoga class, Three Sixty Six is a safe choice.

Amazon Essentials

best men workout clothing brand amazon essentials - Luxe Digital

You can’t go wrong with trusty Amazon and the online retail giant is slowly working its way up as the underdog of the fitness industry. Offering everything from men’s essential crew necks to polo shirts, fleeces and lightweight shorts, Amazon Essentials is an effortless option for restocking your workout wardrobe at a quick click of a button. Along with offering its straight-size range, it also has a huge stock of Big & Tall items, making it an accessible workout brand for anyone stepping up their fitness game. Mix and match neutrals, muted tones and bright colours to find a simple outfit that’ll benefit any workout.

Buyers guide to men’s workout clothes

As well as being comfortable when you workout, it’s important to choose clothes that perform well and help you to exercise without any unnecessary distractions. The best workout gear will act as a psychological push to keep you running/lifting/rowing/moving for longer as well as being supportive, breathable and versatile. Some of the factors to keep in mind before you stock up on a new workout wardrobe include:


Choose lightweight fabrics with moisture-wicking layers to keep you cool no matter how fast your heart is pumping. Ultra-thin material will keep your body the right temperature throughout everything from a weightlifting session to hot yoga.


No one wants workout gear that starts to show signs of wear after only a handful of sessions at the gym. Or, worse, you don’t want to be midway through a stretching session only to hear an uncomfortable ripping sound. Generally, more premium brands like Lululemon offer a guarantee of quality that will last you for years on end, or play it safe with old school favourites like Nike or Adidas.


Workout gear should be snug but not too tight. Ideally, you want to be able to flex and move freely without any restrictions. On the other hand, if you’re buying gear designed for cycling, rowing or running, it’s important to choose outfits that are streamlined and cut close to the body. Weightlifting, powerlifting and team sports are more relaxed: choose looser clothes that’ll allow airflow.


The huge variety of brands and styles means it’s possible to find workout gear at any price point. If you’re tackling multiple workouts a day, it’s probably better to stock up on essential pieces that you can throw in the wash time and time again. But if you’re starting a new sport, want an incentive to get back into fitness or have just discovered a new brand that you can’t get enough of, there’s nothing to stop you from splashing out on a few key pieces. Feeling overwhelmed or just getting into exercising? Buy a few staple items (t-shirts, shorts and a pair of trainers) to start with and slowly build up your collection over time. This way, you’ll get a feel of your preferences as you figure out which brands suit your needs the best.

Frequently asked questions about men’s workout clothes

What should men wear to workout?

It’s important to find workout gear that fits you perfectly to get the most out of your workout. Opt for breathable and stretchy fabrics and those that offer strategic ventilation and quick-dry layers. If you’re working out in warmer conditions, a t-shirt or vest and shorts is always a great option. If you’re working out in the cold, choose lightweight double-knit sweaters and slightly loose joggers for comfort and form.

What are the best workout clothes?

Some of the best men’s workout clothes include options from Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, New Balance and Fabletics. These brands all hit the perfect midpoint of function and fashion and offer a huge range of styles suitable for any sort of exercise. Read our full guide to men’s workout brands to discover the best brand for you.

What men should not wear to the gym?

Avoid workout clothes that aren’t breathable or lightweight, as these will slow you down and add unnecessary weight and sweating while you’re enjoying your workout. If you’re someone who gets hot easily, avoid workout clothes that are too tight, made of artificial materials or don’t fit well. Check out our full guide to find the perfect workout gear for you.

Where can I find good cheap workout clothes?

Some of the best brands for stocking up on cheap workout clothes come from Under Armour, Amazon Essentials, Reebok and Fabletics. Our full guide details the 23 best men’s workout clothing brands for every kind of workout and budget.