When it comes to finding the luggage that’s right for you (and your next trip), there are a few questions you should ask: How will you be traveling? How long will you be traveling? How much stuff will you actually bring with you?

The answers to those questions can help determine what kind of bag is right for you, whether that be a weekender, a carry-on, or a more substantial check bag. Of course, no matter which style of luggage you land on, not all bags are created equal.

So to help you find the best option for you, we’re sharing our favorite luggage on the market right now from low, medium, to high. Read on to find your perfect match before you book that ticket.

How This Works

Every week we research new product categories and bring our final picks into the office, where we haggle and decide which ones make the final list. Everything is based on quality, appearance, and price. These are what we would choose for our own home.


This affordable duffel still packs plenty of punch when it comes to style—those contrasting leather straps!—but is most impressive thanks to its storage. Most duffels have one big pocket and that’s it, but this weekender comes equipped with a designated spot for shoes, as well as multiple pockets.

Yes, the rose gold color is trendy, but that’s far from this carry-on’s most impressive aspect. The hardshell case means your belongings will be safe in the overhead bin and it’s backed by a 10-year warranty.

When it comes to checked bags you’d be hard pressed to find one more classic than this soft-front expandable option from Travelpro. It’s sizable, but not overwhelming, looks great in basic black but comes in blue and pink as well, and has wheels that make it easily maneuverable during travels.


With a buttery camel-colored leather exterior, roomy side pockets, and a shoulder strap, this weekender is almost as on-trend as it is functional.

In a world of straight to consumer brands, Away just may be the epitome of the travel market. The luggage company is beloved by influencers and regular folks alike, and it comes in nine colors, so you can create a bag you really love.

Not only does this cherry red shade make an undeniable statement, it makes it so much easier to find your checked luggage at baggage claim. The wheels and ample storage are just a bonus.


For the most discerning of weekend travelers, this structured black-and-red bag is the ideal size. It fits a considerable amount of clothing, but doesn’t feel bulky, and the graphic colors help it stand out.

We love this bag’s sturdy construction, compact size, and pop of color. It’s also lightweight and able to expand, should you be looking to take a more involved trip.

This vintage-inspired hard case may seem like a great choice for luggage-meets-decor enthusiasts, but once you get over the metallic eye-candy, it’s a truly functional piece that shouldn’t be relegated to the sidelines. So feel free to use it as a place to set your drink, or a place to plan your next trip.